Quinn Keast


A collection of ideas I find exciting or inspiring that I’ve had the honour to speak about at events around the world.

Conferences & presentations

Speaker at Sourcegraph
“Leveling Up Storytelling in Design”
September 2022

Speaker at Ecosia Accessibility Day
“Inclusion as a Catalyst for Design”
June 2021
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Roundtable at UX Copenhagen 2021: Commoning
“The tension between inclusion & accessibility and the demands of product-market fit”
March 2021

Speaker at Content Strategy Lausanne
“Nobody’s a Copywriter, but Everybody Writes Copy”
December 2020
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Speaker at Uber Design Night Amsterdam
“A Level Playing Field: What Sports, Hearing Loss, and Language Can Teach Us About Better Communication in UX”
June 2019

Speaker at UX Copenhagen 2019: Consent & Privacy
“Navigating Our Evolving UX Landscape: Why and How to Create Your Personal Code of Ethics”
March 2019
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Workshop at Marley Spoon
“Articulating Design Challenges with ‘How Might We’ Statements”
January 2019

Speaker at UX Slovenia
“Accessible Accessibility: How You Can Make More Inclusive Products & Experiences”
December 2018

Speaker at IxDA Berlin: World Interaction Design Day
“Breaking Down Unintended Barriers in Your Workplace for More Inclusive Teams”
September 2018
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Speaker at Red River College
“Designing Sustainability: Accessibility”
January 2018

Speaker at UX Winnipeg
“Word Choices and Language in UX”
October 2017

Co-Speaker with Jen Goertzen at North Forge Technology Exchange
“Putting UX to the Test: User Interviews & Usability Testing”
May 2017

Speaker at Ducks Unlimited Canada
“On User Experience”
September 2015

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